Friday, September 8, 2017

kramdown 1.15.0 released Ruby Flow
This is a bug fix release but also drops compatibility with Ruby versions < 2.0. See kramdown.gettalong.org/news.html for details.
RR 326: Chatbots with Jamie Wright Ruby Rogues (Podcast Show)
In this episode of the Ruby Rogues podcast Dave Kimura, Eric Berry, and Charles Max Wood discuss chatbots with Jamie Wright. Jamie will be speaking at Ruby Dev Summit in October. [01:25] Jamie Wright introduction Jamie is a professional nerd and independent contractor. He's been coding for 20 years m
VP of Scaling: What it is and how it works at GitLab GitLab News
Fast-growing companies sometimes need leadership in new initiatives before there's time to hire a team member dedicated to them. This is how we tackled this challenge. In the last two years GitLab has grown from about 15 people in a handful of countries to now well over 180 people in more than 30
Double Shot #1927 Mike Gunderloy (A Fresh Cup)
Takeoff: A rapid development environment designed for hack days - A shot at dockerizing enough that you can get a spike of a new idea up and running quickly. How can I use CSS-in-JS securely? - Don't ever ever allow user input. Free Bootstrap 4 Themes & Components - A bunch of 'em. Introduction

Thursday, September 7, 2017

London Ruby Unconference 2017 on Oct 07 Ruby Flow
If you are in London, and love Ruby, come join us in this year’s edition! An ‘unconference’ is a gathering which aims to provide an open and creative conversation on a series of topics. It is unlike a normal conference in that there is no pre-planned agenda, no central organisation, no fixed speakers
A Puzzle About Ruby Constants Ruby Flow
While doing some refactoring, I stumbled on a case where Ruby constants didn’t behave as I expected. To figure out what was going on, I ended up drilling down into YARV instructions. It turns out that Ruby constant resolution is actually very complex! BLOG POST HERE
Meet the RubyMine Team at RubyKaigi 2017! JetBrains RubyMine News
Hello everyone, We are happy to announce that the RubyMine team will visit Japan this September for RubyKaigi 2017! Not only are we sponsoring the event together with other Japanese and international tech companies, but we’re also bringing our own … Continue reading →
Double Shot #1926 Mike Gunderloy (A Fresh Cup)
How to Run a Front-End Infrastructure Team - Lots of food for thought in this long article from AdRoll. Trello, “Jira Sucks”, and Tool Dysfunction - Maybe it's your expectations that suck instead of the tool. Writing Slack Command APIs in Ruby - A four-part series using Heroku as a server.
GitLab 9.5.4, 9.4.6, and 9.3.11 Released GitLab News
Today we are releasing versions 9.5.4, 9.4.6, and 9.3.11 for GitLab Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE). These versions contain several security fixes, including fixes for several persistent Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities, a fix for a hard to exploit race condition in p
Today is GitLab Fan Day GitLab News
Today we're celebrating GitLab Fan and the great work they do to evangelize GitLab 🎉 Read on to learn more about the mysterious figure behind the Fan, and take a look around our site and see if you can spot any of their illustrations. Also, don't forget to visit us on Twitter to take part in our give

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

[TIL] How to override Spree Rails engine routes Ruby Flow
Overriding a rails engine routes can be hard to achieve when you want to remove or change existing routes. So we have to find a pretty simple solution: www.brice-sanchez.com/til-how-to-override-spree-rails-engine-routes/
Gemfile's new clothes Ruby Flow
Bundler 2.0 will change the filenames of the Gemfile and Gemfile.lock. Let’s look at why that is and what this means for you (and the Ruby ecosystem as a whole).
How to include Rails Associated Model Data in React components Ruby Flow
A short post on using jbuilder in Rails to send JSON data to React components. When you start using React with Rails, one of the frustrating problems you quickly run into is trying to access associated model data from your React component. This article shows one way to work around that issue.
Karafka (Ruby + Kafka) framework 1.0.0 Release Notes Ruby Flow
It’s been over a year, since the last major Karafka framework release (0.5). During that time, we’ve managed to implement plenty of new features and fix multiple bugs. Here are the release notes presenting the new and shiny Karafka framework 1.0.0 version.
MRS 019: My Ruby Story Eric Berry Ruby Rogues (Podcast Show)
MRS 019: Eric Berry Today's episode of My Ruby Story is an interview with Eric Berry, who is our newest panelist on Ruby Rogues. [01:10] Introduction to Eric Eric is one of Chuck's friends from early in his programming career. Eric is @coderberry on Twitter. He's been a Ruby developer for about 9 yea
Double Shot #1925 Mike Gunderloy (A Fresh Cup)
10 Ways to Defend Against Business Email Compromise / CEO Email Fraud Scams - This is the arena I'm working in these days. Hopefully I'm helping make the internet a bit safer. Webpacker 3.0: No separate process needed, less config generated - I quite like the work that's being done to make Rails pl
JRuby Released JRuby News
The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby Homepage: www.jruby.org/ Download: www.jruby.org/download JRuby 9.1.x is our current major version of JRuby. It is expected to be compatible with Ruby 2.3.x and stay in sync with C Ruby. JRuby is our latest re

Tuesday, September 5, 2017